Our Leadership


Mr. Aman Sahni

Mr. Aman Sahni, is a graduate in Economics and Politics from University of Manchester, where he also worked for the University. He then pursued M.Sc in Global Politics from London School of Economics. He has been steering the education institutions since 2011. He has an international and forward-thinking approach towards education.


Dr. Saiyam Sahni

Dr. Saiyam Sahni is a radiologist with experience working in some of the finer hospitals in the country. She has devoted herself to education and has successfully overseen the setting up and management of schools.


Mr. Vipin Sahni

Mr. Vipin Sahni, is a Chartered Accountant and Financial Advisor of repute by profession. After qualifying from Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1981, Mr. Sahni set up his own practice in Noida and soon became the leading financial advisor in the area. He is the Founder of all stakeholder institutions and a true visionary in the field of education.


Mrs. Kiran Sahni

Mrs. Kiran Sahni is the Chairperson of Sunshine Educational Society, which is operating two colleges affiliated to IP University Delhi and is the Founding Director of Mayoor School, Noida, and Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension. Mrs. Sahni feels that each child has infinite potential, and that educationists must reach out to each child in the right way. Moreover, she has worked tirelessly for the cause of education as she believes that education leads to empowerment. She is a noted philanthropist, working for the cause of the community over the last three decades.


Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh

Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh was appointed in U.P. Judicial Service on 18th April, 1970. His Lordship graced the office of Registrar General, Supreme Court of India from February 02, 1998 to March 24, 1999. His Lordship was elevated to permanent Judge of Allahabad High Court on March 26, 1999 and laid his office on 31st January, 2007. He has also been the Chairman, Judicial Training & Research Institute. He is the Director-General overseeing the institutions.