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Music is the sole of life. Alankaar music society of DME was established in the first week of August 2017. The objective of the society is to bring out the hidden talent of students. The society aims to organize competitions, giving students the motivation to work hard on their skills, host performances in the college, and also to audition and shortlist students interested in inter-college events, and festivals. Students of the college can showcase their talent in the form of vocal singing and instrumental music, but also allows them to express their artistic flare. Members of the society always try to do innovative and creative experiment in the field of music, which helps to improve the horizon of the students with respect of Music. Merging different instruments, vocal with instrument leads to development of new ideas.

Society regularly takes part in different fest and competitions, which gives them the exposure and a chance to express themselves. Field of music is as large as ocean and you take our as much as you can from it. In the zone of music everything is possible you can learn ample of thing though music, it has been said that if you want to develop yourself as a human being then music the best way to that. This is what Alankaar is doing, it’s trying to develop each and every student though music.

Alankaar made certain achievements last semester by organizing musical events, participation in inter-college competitions including those of festivals, and even felicitation of orientation programs and giving performances in charity events. The events allowed the student members of the society to showcase their talents and express and entertain through the artistic medium of music. Further, freedom was allowed to the students to participate and compete in competitions outside the college, as entries were made and submitted.

The following is a descriptive list of all the achievements made by Alankaar in the last semester:

S. No. Event Name Description
1 BJMC Orientation August 13

A performance of “MaaSaraswatiVandana”was carried out by the members of the society. The performance consisted of female vocals, sitar, guitar, etc.

2 Rhythms October 11

A variety of musical performances were carried out including those of solo singing, duet, group singing, western instrumental, band performance, Punjabi performance, and jam session.

Held in the auditorium, the event was for the entertainment of the Director General, and all faculty members of the college, and students.

3 Varchasva – Participation October 30

Students participated in the fest for the solo-singing in the event “X Factor” held by Tecnia College.

4 Orphanage Visit

Students of Alankaar visited an orphanage and delivered a musical performance along with donations from the college.

5 Spandan – Participation November 13

The students of the society formed a band and made an entry after recording a music video for their performance.

2018 Planned Events

  • Musical Evening (25th January) – A musical evening shall be held in the college that shall be based on a patriotic theme, held after 3PM.
  • Pratibha 2018 (5th to 7th February)– This event shall comprise of three competitions, one per day, and shall be held from 3PM to 5PM each day. Therefore, it will be a three-day long competition.  It shall further be an intra-college competition, allowing the students of the college, regardless of their course to participate in their chosen musical fields. The following is a schedule planned so far:
Day 1 Solo-singing
Day 2 Group Performance / Band
Day 3 Instrumental and misc. and Award Ceremony

Rhythms 2018 (April11)– This event shall be a performance by the members of the society for the entertainment of the faculty members and students, much similar to the one held earlier in October 2017. There shall be a plethora of musical performances, including group singing, duets, solo singing, band performance, instrumental performances, etc.

Participation in Battle of Bands at Anugoonj– A band shall be constituted of the college’s musical society so the college, for the first time, could participate at Anugoonj in the competition “Battle of Bands” in which bands from different colleges compete against each other.

Miscellaneous Participations at Fests  – The society aims to participate in the upcoming festivals of different colleges

Music Society
Music Society
Music Society
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Music Society
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