Moot Court Society

One of the most essential part of Law School at DME is its Moot Court Society. The Delhi Metropolitan Education Moot Court Society (DMEMCS) was established in the year 2014. DMEMCS lays down the foundation of advocacy skills amplification by its continuous efforts to achieve its goal of providing the complete legal experience to law students.

The Society consists of hard working, ambitious and enthusiastic students and is headed by our diligent faculty members, who are always there as an inspiration and as mentors to guide them along the way. Since its inception, DMEMCS has successfully organized many Intra College Moot Court Competitions, Workshops on Mooting Skill Enhancement. In March,2017 a triumphant National Moot Court Competition was also organized which established the name of society among Law Institutions all over the Country. The first of its kind, the competition was consecrated by the presence of distinguished personalities from bar, bench and academics.

The society is delighted to announce that a second edition to the National Moot Court Competition will be held in April,2018.

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