​Mandoli Central Jail

A ​visit to ​​Mandoli Central Jail was organized for the students of B.A.LLB 3rd Year. Ms. Shruti Ahuja, Assistant Professor (Law) , was faculty In-charge for the same. About 40 students were taken from the college premises to the jail through bus. All the students were taken to Jail number 13(under trial prisoners) and Jail Number 14(convicted prisoners) where in one of the superintendent police officer guided students and gave us information about the administration and working of the prison. There were convicts of various serious offences who were sent to open prison for rehabilitation and reformation.

Prisoners are engaged in various vocational, educational and spiritual activities. Various tasks and activities are allotted to various inmates on rotational basis. There are various amenities like hospitals, library, meditation centre, computer lab, art section, music room, etc. the inmates are also given an opportunity to have education under “Padho Padhao” wherein educated inmates themselves study along with educating illiterate inmates. Also, there is an association with IGNOU wherein the inmates are given an option to continue their education and obtain degrees while they are undergoing their punishment.

Prisoners were seen engaged in many activities in various factories in the jail complex namely, shoe factory, cloth factory, bakery etc. The cloth factory is in association with Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna, under which various designers sends their dress material for assembling into various kinds of dresses. The wages for the work done by the prisoner and their daily routine was also discussed by the officer. The daily routine of these prisoners starts with waking up early in the morning and compulsory practice of yoga. Then they are provided with breakfast which is followed by dispersal of the inmates to do their respective work allotted to them followed by the lunch. The schedule of the whole day is fixed. the inner premises of the Central jail which was really vast, very clean and was surrounded by greenery.

Students interacted with the inmates of the Jail and asked them about the living conditions in the premises as well as details about their case and tried to provide them with legal assistance. Overall it was a great experience for the students and it has certainly changed their perspective about Jail as well as offenders.