“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”

At DME, the faculty members are given high regard and treated as a large extended family. The entire teaching community at DME celebrates all major festivals and occasion together along with the esteemed members of the management and staff. The basic purpose of FLY is “Faculty Welfare” and create a general feeling of kinship and bonding between the faculty members. The FLY committee is informally branded “Family Like You”. It gives a platform where faculty members can share their mutual feelings and wishes with each other. This also provided an enriching and fruitful association with the institution for long term. This ultimately leads to a harmonious day to day working and smooth inter – department faculty coordination ensuring that the Faculty vision at DME soars and flies high.

Events Held Under FLY:

  1. Monthly Birthday Celebration
  2. Movie Screening
  3. Teachers Day Celebration
  4. Diwali Celebration
  5. Christmas and New Year Celebration
  6. Faculty Talent Events
  7. Faculty Picnics and Outdoor Team Building
  8. Health Check up Camps
  9. Women’s Day Celebration
  10. Yoga Camps for Health and Fitness

FLY Events 2018

On 5th September 2018, DME celebrated Teachers’ Day with great aplomb. The Family Like You Committee, in collaboration with all the Cultural Societies of DME, held the Teachers’ Day Celebrations at Nelson Mandela Auditorium at 3:45 pm. All faculty members and staff were invited for the occasion and the event was blessed with the graceful presence of the Honourable Director General, Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh, Vice Chairman, Mr. Aman Sahni and Director (also HOD, DME Management School), Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami. Prof. Dr. Manjula Batra, Director Research, DME (also Dean, DME Law School), Prof. Dr. Sushmita Bala (HOD, DME Media School), Dr. Parul Mehra (HOD, 2nd Shift, Journalism & Head, Cultural Committee), Dr. N.K Bahl (Head, Judicial Training Academy) were also among the attendees.

The student anchors began with a quote honouring and welcoming all the faculty members. This was followed by Director General’s blessings to the gathering. In his address, Sir enumerated the many virtues that make an ideal teacher. He enlightened the audience, students and faculty alike, as to the inspirational life of Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan. The former Indian President and philosopher was a teacher par excellence and Sir shared various life lessons and values that faculty members can imbibe from the great teacher.

While the audience was left with much to reflect, the dignitaries were invited for the cake cutting ceremony to officially unleash the festivities and celebrations for the day. While the audience relished on cake and snacks, the dance society of DME, Fitoor, presented its classical and semi-classical act that captivated the audience with the performers’ grace and talent. The music society of DME, Alankaar too showcased its melodious performances, charming one and all with their renditions of some popular Sufi and Bollywood numbers. Between these acts were pieces of original poetry by the students, tributes to their beloved faculty members.

All dignitaries and faculty members were presented with their individual Teachers’ Day cards, each card beautifully weaving together messages from students and mentees. Kudos to the Arts society of DME, Spectrum, for such intricately designed cards that touched the hearts of one and all. As the grand finale, a video segment prepared by DME TV & Radio was played much to the delight of the entire gathering. Some candid shots and some posed, all in all, the video captured moments of fun, pride and achievement from all 3 schools beautifully. All through the celebrations, DME’s photography society, DME Frames, was capturing Kodak moments and candid shots that will most likely find their way into next year’s celebrations.

FLY Events 2017