Prof. (Dr.) Bhavish Gupta Director Delhi Metropolitan Education

At DME we believe that excellence is never achieved by chance. It is always the result of dedication, intense effort, intelligent directions and skillful execution.  Law, for a layman, means a system of rules, regulations and guidelines, legally enforceable. But as a profession, it means lots more and encompasses various fields such as Litigation, Corporate Counsel, Law Firms, Social Work, Judicial Services/Civil Services, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO’s) Media, IP, Academics, etc. The role of a lawyer in today’s era has completely taken a paradigm shift and lawyers are the most sought after people by corporations and individuals, leaving a dearth of lawyers when looked up against the demand. With a booming economy and an increasing number of foreign firms targeting the Indian market, the requirement of legal expertise has increased a lot, making Legal Profession a very lucrative career.

These days a significant and admirable change is visible among the students. They are visibly more curious and serious towards their career choices. It is an old proverb that an examinee is the best examiner, thereby a student aspiring for any profession be it Law, Journalism or Management understands it accordingly. You only need to have passion, patience and urge, else everything is dependent on your hard work.

I welcome you all at DME where you will be trained to know these professions in a broader way. Congratulations! You are at DME. Best Wishes!