02 Oct 2015

Report on B.G. Verghese Series Of Special Lectures

On Thursday, 10th September, 2015, Delhi Metropolitan Education witnessed a very entertaining and rejuvenating interaction with Mr. Shammi Narang in its Nelson Mandela Auditorium. Mr. Narang is a renowned voice-over artist, ex-news anchor and the famous voice making announcements in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad Metro Rail Service. He is an emcee and entrepreneur based in Delhi, best known for raising the standards of news-casting in India. Mr. Narang, a graduate in engineering, started his profession in voice-over by working in the Hindi division of Voice of America. Later he was selected from among 100,000 candidates into Doordarshan, which was then the only channel in India and became the ‘face of Doordarshan news reading’ and Indian Television in general during the 1970s – 80s.
Mr. Narang instantly developed a connection with the audience by emphasizing on the importance of voice control by personally depicting the various modulations of his vocals. He created an ambience of fervor among the students by delivering various famous Bollywood dialogues and discourses by eminent personalities.
He laid special importance on the need of the current generation to avoid bad habits that invariably affects the quality of voice. He stressed that the requirement of voice modulation and care of the vocal cord is not restricted to any particular profession, be it legal or mass communication. He stated that the quality of voice has a great role to play in formation of an individual’s personality. Thus it is only inevitable that a person should take extra caution by undertaking regular exercises.
He took great pleasure in answering various queries raised by the students. The jovial session was concluded by the vote of thanks extended by a 3rd Year BJMC student and the singing of the national anthem.